Invisalign for Teens

Orthodontic problems are common in children, teens, and adults. Fortunately, as technology advances, there are more treatment options. One of the most popular orthodontic treatments is Invisalign for teens. This is the brand name for a clear set of aligners. Invisalign aligners can fix various orthodontic issues, including crowding, spacing, overbite, crossbite, and other forms of malocclusion. This treatment is quite popular with teens and adults for several reasons.

Is Invisalign for teens the best option for your child? It’s probably what they would choose, given the options. But before you make a final decision, here’s what you may need to know.

Why Invisalign for Teens is the best option

Clear aligners work by applying pressure to teeth. This is what helps them shift into alignment. When your child gets Invisalign, they will wear each set of aligners for a week before replacing them with a new set. Your child will get multiple sets of aligners at once. If they lose an aligner, they can move onto the next set. The result is straight teeth and a proper bite.

Here’s why you should choose Invisalign for teens:

Easy to Remove

One of the downsides of traditional metal braces is that they are not removable. This means your teen will have to endure even if they cause irritation. On the other hand, Invisalign for teens can be removed at any time. This is ideal for when you want to take pictures of your children. They may not want to appear in the photos with braces on. Therefore, if you want to take some family photos, they can remove them. They can also remove them to eat and brush their teeth.

Fewer Office Visits

Invisalign for teens does not require adjustments. In most instances, we give you several sets of aligners to take home, sometimes two to six months’ worth. As you might imagine, this means fewer office visits. Therefore, you won’t have to struggle to find time in your busy schedule to take your teen for check-ups. This saves you both time and money.

Invisalign for teens also tends to have fewer emergency visits. The wires and brackets on traditional braces can be damaged by hard foods and during physical activity. This results in several office visits for repairs. As mentioned before, Invisalign aligners are removable. This significantly reduces the risk of damage. Your child can remove them during meals and sporting activities.

Better Self-Confidence

Most teens are reluctant to get braces because of how bulky they are. After all, no one wants to move around with a mouth full of metal. Invisalign for teens is made using clear plastic. This makes them less noticeable. As a result, your child will not feel as conspicuous. Having them not draw too much attention to themselves has some mental benefits too.

Less Irritating

If you ever got traditional braces as a child, you may recall how they caused sore spots inside the mouth. This usually happens when the wires or brackets rub against the insides of your cheeks and lips. Invisalign for teens doesn’t have wires or brackets. As such, it won’t cause that kind of irritation or friction.

There are no Food Restrictions

Traditional metal braces can easily be damaged by sticky, chewy, or hard things like candy, pizza crust, popcorn, and other foods. As such, teenagers with braces should stay away from these foods until the treatment is done. Invisalign for teens aligners are removable. This means your teen can eat whatever they want. They won’t have to stay away from their favorite foods.

Oral Hygiene is a Breeze

Brushing teeth with traditional braces can be complicated. Your child must maneuver around the wires and brackets to brush and floss their teeth effectively. With Invisalign for teens, this is unnecessary. Your child can easily remove their aligners when it’s time to brush their teeth. That way, they’ll brush the usual way.

If your child is dealing with some orthodontic issues, Invisalign for teens is the clear option. It’s not only comfortable and effective, but it’s also aesthetically superior. In addition, you’ll find that with this method, appointments are shorter and less frequent. This is because the orthodontist doesn’t have to adjust the trays. You just need to take your teen to the doctor every six to 24 weeks for quick check-ups.

Invisalign for Teens

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