The adhesive we use to bond the braces to your teeth works rapidly although it will take several hours to completely cure. We invite you to eat any time after leaving our office, however, please avoid the foods that can be harmful to your braces from now until your treatment is complete. While your mouth is getting used to eating with your new appliance, many patients prefer to follow a soft diet.

At first, you will perceive your braces to stick out, this is completely normal. As your mouth gets used to your braces and your teeth become better aligned, your braces will feel completely normal. Your brackets are rounded and smooth but may still irritate your cheek tissues until they toughen. During this period, we recommend applying orthodontic wax around the offending bracket. If you run out of wax call our office to receive more or visit your local drug store.

You may have some discomfort the day your braces are placed, this may include tenderness and sensitivity to pressure on your teeth. Some patients do not experience any discomfort but most patients do report a certain level of soreness. This sensation should go away in a day or two and you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever to ease the soreness.