Also known as a face mask, reverse pull headgear is usually used in growing patients to correct an underbite and help the upper jaw develop.

Patients do not need to wear reverse pull headgear to school, work or during active sports. Generally, patients will be asked to wear the appliance at least 16 hours per day for ideal results. Treatment time ranges from 12-14 months depending on the severity of the bite and the rate of skeletal growth.

The thing about reverse pull headgear is, the more you wear it, the faster Dr. Terrana can correct your bite. If you choose not to wear your headgear as instructed, it won't work. We encourage you to use your reverse pull headgear consistently and as directed so that you can achieve the best possible results. Some general guidelines you should follow include:

Never remove your headgear before the straps are disconnected.
Do not lift your headgear over your face.
Never wear your headgear while playing sports.
Always bring your headgear to every appointment with Dr. Terrana.

If you think you may have a problem with your headgear, call our office right away. We will inspect your headgear and make any needed adjustments needed.

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